Bugling Elk TaxidermyHere at Sportsman’s Addiction Bugling Elk Taxidermy we strive to bring you the most lifelike recreation of your trophy by using the best materials available. We do this by constant field research, reference materials, & continuing education on the most current taxidermy methods.

Thoughts of the very moment that you harvested the animal will be fresh in your mind as you admire the quality work that goes in to every mount we do. We tan all of the skins that we mount whether in a commercial tannery or in house. From deer to elk to bobcats to birds & fish we use only the best tans, forms, eyes & supplies to portray the animal as it once was. Some small details that are not usually noticed such as the correct color of the nose of a deer to the extra details that we put into our habitats are the things we do to produce a quality mount.

Remember that our work will take a little longer for the reason that we pay attention to detail. This applies to taxidermy as much as anything else. Even though we may not be the least expensive we feel that the quality mounts we produce will bring you years of enjoyment. It takes time to meticulously prepare & tan skins. If sufficient time is not allowed for preparing, mounting, & drying the final product will reflect this. It takes time to produce the right details, such as anatomically correct eyes, noses, posture, & hair patterns of the animal. The old adage, "you get what you pay for" often applies to taxidermy work.

Sportsman’s Addiction Bugling Elk Taxidermy provides special assistance for worldwide shipping, CITES permits, crating, trophy cleaning and restorations. Whether hunting or fishing is you jig, Sportsman’s Addiction Bugling Elk Taxidermy looks forward to creating your wildlife trophy into an exquisite piece of art to be enjoyed and envied for years to come. No job is too much and task is impossible if we have the means of doing it.

If you plan to hunt North or South American, or African Cites Trophies please let us know so we can prepare you for the CITES certificate. This is a necessary permit BEFORE you ship and/or transport your trophy to or from the USA.

(CITES) - Animals or birds protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species