Fishing Galapagos:
Jason Coffrin

The Fishing
Jason "Butterfly" Coffrin has been fishing since he was two years old, “even then taking it seriously",  He always had a love for the water and fishing for anything that swims. From bass fishing in his back yard to Costa Rica fishing for the giant Marlin. Growing up in Sarasota, Florida on the Gulf Of Mexico he fished for other species of fish like tarpon, Snook and Red Fish. His love for competition pushed him to start fishing tournaments a couple years back. He was most successful with tarpon, he won several local tournaments and the Professional tarpon series in Boca Grand winning a boat. Jason has also won numerous Redfish tournaments and has appeared on Fox Sports Net for the Top 5 in FLW Redfish Series.
Jason's business plan came when he went to help out on a tournament boat for a week at Los Suenos in Costa Rica. He then knew he was destine to move to Costa Rica. Television has also been another great door opener for Jason, being on Fox Sports net and the Water Channel in Costa Rica fishing with Ocean Explorer. This is where the Unofficial World Record Rooster fish with the Host really got Jason's business amped to keep growing. You can see Ron and his amazing Rooster fish in the Photo Gallery of the site. 
Jason has come a long way coming into his 3rd year in Costa Rica. During Jason's two year stretch he has released 60 Marlin, 12 of them being Black Marlin in the second year (see photo Gallery and Billfish and an impressive 100 Rooster fish documented releases weighing in from 10 pounds on 6 pound test to 157 pounds (unofficial world record, see photo gallery) on 30 pound test. He is a young man and has only been in Costa Rica for 3 years but, if you fish with him you will not only have a great time, you will catch fish and laugh like crazy. And if he feels up to it, you might watch him jump in with one of that incredible Marlin and revive the beauty while getting some great pictures of him in his world. Mr. Trigger Charters is a firm believer of catch and release. Jason's popularity came from the company taking photos and recording each catch and posting them to social networks and tagging the marlin. Well that caused a huge up roar in the community of well known captains. They couldn’t believe the amount of black marlin Jason was reporting. Jason finally got his break when contacted him and told him to come on down! So he did, in the summer of 2010 they fished 5 days straight! Team Mr. Trigger caught multiple Blue Marlin. During the fish, he fought a marlin for a whopping 5 hours! He hooked it at 4:00 pm and released it at 9:00 pm. On the last day the editor was on the reel and a Black came up and before you knew it there where two in the spread! They lost them both but the editor was in such awe he gave us the credit we deserved for our photos.
Another way Jason Butterfly Coffrin has been successful is the HELP from the Bill fish community captains!!! Jason has been truly blessed to be a student of Bart Miller "Black Bart Lures" Roddy Hayes "Legend lures" John Lagrone of the boat Xtasea Jason Pipe of Gomera Spain and last but not least the crew of These guys are all on a phone basis with Jason Butterfly Coffrin and have helped him with an insane wealth of knowledge. Jason "Butterfly" Coffrin has been learning how to handle a boat from Bart Miller and set up an everyday, weekly, monthly, and yearly game plan on how to fish the different conditions. Then turn around and learn how to set up a business from Roddy Hayes, how to cope with Costa Rica from John Lagrone, fish with Jason Pipe "Bocinegro" in Spain. While this has all been a blessing for Jason the has been there since the beginning and helping every step of the way. "IT HAS BEEN AN INSANE RIDE" !!!
Jason "Butterfly" Coffrin takes his business very seriously and knows you will enjoy fishing with him and his crew whether it is in Quepos/Carrillo/Jaco Costa Rica from January through May or north in Flamingo Costa Rica June-August. If you have any questions Mr. Trigger will be happy to help, just Email us. Thanks again!