Fishing Australia - The Great Barrier Reef:
Captain Tim Richardson

The Fishing
Capt Tim has spent his whole life on the ocean. Surfing from an early age as well as sailing, windsurfing and fishing have filled him with a love and respect for the ocean. His passion is contagious and grown seamanship allows him to make the best of any situation. Sharing his love of the water, travelling and fishing with his clients has given him some great returns of satisfaction and his desire to continue his life on the sea. Capt Tim has a library full of fishing tales from a plifera of:

Australia, Florida, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Montauk, Bermuda, Panama, Costa Rica, St Thomas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, British Virgin Islands, Windward and Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, Mexico, both Pacific and Atlantic, Hawaii, and of course the greatest place on earth Cairns and Lizard Island region of the Great Barrier Reef.
Fishing Australia's Great Barrier Reef

With different techniques and styles of fishing in these locations he became a well rounded and highly respected fisherman. Fishin' Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Capt Tim has fished over 18 seasons on the Great Barrier Reef. Since 2005 he has captained on his own boat the "TRADITION." His ability to consistently produce both numbers and sizes of fish over the past few years: 1207 lb Black Marlin GBR, 1199lb Atlantic Blue Marlin (Bermuda), 1173 Black Marlin GBR, over 3000 billfish tagged and released with 23 over 1000 lbs tagged and released, has built him a reputation of being a widely recognized captain throughout worldwide.

While Cairns is basically a bait fishery, Capt Tim is well known for his knowledge of lures and tackle. Having worked closely with Pakula Lures for more than 20 years and as the US importer for Pakula Lures, Topshot Tackle and many other products for many years his diverse skills in waters can be seen.

His knowledge base of light tackle has been honed from a lifetime of fishing 12 lb tackle for black marlin, his best day being 17, all on 12 lb test, all the way thru to his passion for 130 lb heavy tackle fishing. Seasons spent in Florida dead bait sailfishing out of Fort Pierce has strengthened his skills to find fish and rack up numbers when needed.

Fishing Australia's Great Barrier ReefCaptain Tim Richardson has extensive knowledge of the fishing industry, having more than 15 years experience working in Florida. He was manager at Scopinich Fighting Chairs and Scopinich Boat Works in Stuart for 2 years while taking a break from full time fishing. He has successfully completed large scale refits on boats from 20 to 65 feet for several clients, built 4 x 35' Scopinich Boats, as well as the full refit and continual upgrade of his own boat “TRADITION” itself.

Capt Tim Richardson is an ambassador for The Billfish Foundation, and sponsors many events for them, as well as promoting tag and release marlin fishing.

Career Highlights:

  • USL Master Class 5 #COO2626 since 1996

  • Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Central Queensland

  • Marine Engine Driver Grade 2

  • 2011 10 Blue marlin in one day off St Lucia

  • 2010 Cairns season with 3 over 1000 lbs released and another 3 over 900 lbs released

  • The Billfish Foundation 2006 Top Tagging Captain for Pacific Black Marlin

  • 1st Place 2008 Bacardi Billfish Tournament as Captain of the Certifiable

  • Blue marlin on fly as angler

Tim’s other passions are motorcycle racing, spear fishing, and his life long love of surfing.

Captain Tim Richardson is available worldwide for freelance captain work, boat design and construction oversight. Fly fishing for marlin, light tackle or unlimited heavy tackle, and record fishing are all part of what makes Capt Tim’s motors run.