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Sportsman's Addiction Great Barrier Reef Fishing TripsGreat Barrier Reef
CAIRNS - LIZARD ISLAND AUSTRALIA: For the last 40 years Anglers from around the world have been fishing along the edge of the Great Barrier Reef between Cairns and Lizard Island. Between the months of September and mid-December anglers arrive to target the infamous Giant Black Marlin in Cairns.

The heavy tackle charter season on board a boat out of far north Queensland - Cairns is the pinnacle of our tour. This is the Mecca of all game, deep sea and sports fishing around the world. This is where you will find your magical 1000lb Black Marlin. Unlike Madeira, Ghana, Cape Verde and Hawaii, all these marlin are Black Marlin.

Marlin fishing and living on the Great Barrier Reef will no doubt open your eyes to a whole new world of heavy tackle hard-core gamefishing.

Fishing charters out of Cairns North Queensland can be tailored to all budgets and levels of experience; however this fishing is not for the faint hearted.

We practice tag and release with Billfish Foundation tags on our fish, unless the fish is to be weighed. We carry our own IGFA certified scales for any record fishing.

Light Tackle
Townsville to Cairns is the destination for small black marlin and sailfishing in the months of August and early September. Tackle is primarily 12-20 lb conventional, and fly tackle is also a really fun and viable option, for catching these 40-100lb baby black marlin. the sails run up to 150lbs, which is a bunch of fun on light tackle. As many as 36 small blacks have been caught in a single day!!!

Heavy Tackle Sportsman's Addiction Black Marlin Fishing
In September 1966 on an exploratory trip on the Sea Baby, Richard Obach, Capt. Georges Bransfords' deckhand, was the angler who caught the very first 1000 lb black marlin. The fish weighed 1064 lbs on 80lbs tackle and was the first Black Marlin world record to come from the Great Barrier Reef. Since this time, more marlin over 1000lbs have been weighed or tagged and released than every other place in the world combined.

Each year during the heavy tackle season there is a huge gathering of tunas wide of the reef, Yellowfin Tuna, Big-eye Tuna and Black Marlin. Literally thousands of tunas schooling under the Whale Sharks, making shallow dives count for shots on big fish each time. Yellowfin to 200lbs, Big-eye to 150lb and Marlin too big to tell.

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Sportsman's Addiction Australia Fishing TripExtreme Outer Great Barrier Reef Trips
WRECK, CATO, SAUMAREZ, ELUSIVE, BUGATTI REEF, FLINDERS, FLORA, HOLMES AND OSPREY REEF: These reef systems are about 100 miles or more from the mainland, and are favourites for us to fish as they do not get much fishing pressure. Poppers and jigging for GT's, more Wahoo than you have ever seen are around at certain times of year, as well as billfish. Great anchorages are available, with incredible snorkelling and spearing - a great exploration trip to places only a few boats have ever been.

Sportsman's Addiction Australia Fishing TripsFlora Reef is the southern atoll of the Holmes complex east of Cairns. Arriving at the corner of Flora we were attacked by about 8 wahoo, all over 40lb, leaping out of the water in a race to destroy our tackle. In previousyears we fished 30 lb line and must have released over 20 wahoo up to 50lbs and 5 more dogtooth up to 80lbs. When one wahoo was up to the boat, there were up to 8 more free swimming around the boat eating chunks that we threw to them. The ensuing loss of many poppers and jigs was expensive, but damn it was a lot of fun!!! Osprey Reef is NE of Lizard Island and has seen very few boats over the years, only 1 or 2 boats go there a year to sportfish!! Sails, wahoo, dogtooth, coral trout and GT's are all call this region home!!!!

If you love jigging, popper fishing and fly fishing for big fast and explosive fish such as wahoo, tuna, marlin,sailfish, coral trout these are the places for you!!! These trips are available as liveaboard or mothership charters, and I have other boats available for bigger groups.

Fishing can be done three ways on the REEF: Sportsman's Addiction Australia Fishing Trip
  1. Day trips for guests staying at the Lizard Island resort (a 5 star exclusive resort 14 miles from the top of No:10 Ribbon Reef).
  2. Liveaboard trips for up 10 days.
  3. "Mothershipping" with a larger vessel for up to 6 guests. The mothership is anchored behind the reef in calm water and has a full crew onboard to make your stay one of fine food and memories.
The mornings are spent swimming, having breakfast, bait fishing, and spearfishing. About 10.30 - 11.00am we head out to fish for the big blacks. We usually fish till just before dusk and then run back in to the anchorage behind the reef for drinks and dinner in the calm waters behind the Great Barrier Reef.

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Sportsman's Addiction Offshore Fishing TripsSoutheast Queensland

MARLIN FISHING OFF THE GOLD AND SUNSHINE COASTS: The waters offshore of the Gold Coast, Australia's holiday destination, and further north to the Sunshine Coast has great Black and Blue marlin fishing, as well as Striped and Sailfish at times. With huge areas of canyons only 20 miles off the coast for hundreds of miles, we have the perfect platform to fish an area known for its number and quality of blue, black and striped marlin, which along with yellowfin tuna and swordfish, gives an exciting opportunity to fish for a variety of species.

The South east coastline has become the world record grounds for light tackle marlin fishing, with about every record in the last 5 years coming from these grounds. Large numbers of black, blue and striped marlin allow lots of opportunities each day to fulfill your needs. There are also some animal blues in the canyons, waiting for some good 130lb tackle to be put to the test.

We can troll lures with hooks, teaser fish and pitch bait with a range of tackle , including saltwater fly, to suit your requirements. Come and fish with us out of some great destinations, bring the family and enjoy one of these really special places in Australia where everyone can have a great time.

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South Pacific TourSportsman's Addiction Australia Fishing Tours
NEW CALEDONIA SURFARI: Our Australian based 50’ custom game boat is heading to New Caledonia in 2011. A self-sufficient French territory with the biggest lagoon in the South Pacific, surrounded by a 500km long fringe reef with more than 200 passes. The waves being discovered are being compared to anywhere else in the South Pacific but the nice thing is the crowd factor is very low. And only accessable by boat!!! So NO crowds, just you and your mates. Anchor the big boat, jump in the zodiac and surf.

The reef complex in the southwest corner of the main island are a very long way from shore but are similar to Cloudbreak in Fiji. Nice warm water, so a warm rashy is all you’d need. It’s probably worth throwing in some reef booties for low tide surfing. 4-10 days trips exploring one of the the pearls of the South Pacific, Blue marlin, tunas, jigging, spearing, snorkeling and surfing some incredible places with no one else around. Great anchorages in all weather and the wonderful French influence of Noumea.

We have the perfect boat for this type of exploration, with 20 years for world travelling and a boat purpose built for long range multi day liveaboard charters.

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Port Stephens
Port Stephens is a very popular Sport and Game Fishing area in Australia with the biggest fishing tournament in the Southern Hemisphere, the NSW Interclub Tournament

All 3 species of billfish can be caught here each day with chances of a Grand Slam very high. We also specialise in Big Game Flyfishing and light tackle for the marlin, with many world records caught here over the years make it a top pick for record chasers.

Sportsman's Addiction Port Stephens Australia Fishing TripsPort Stephens is also situated next to the Hunter Valley wine growing area of Australia which makes for a great day trip on days off or for partners. Port Stephens Fishing Lodge is an accommodation option for large groups or those who wish to bring along the family for the fishing and holiday experience.

Located in Soldiers Point this home has everything you require. Sleeps 12 comfortably in 5 bedrooms, has large open plan living areas with rumpus/bar area downstairs. Also features huge decks to enjoy a barbeque and a cold drink after a long days fishing.

Alternative accommodation such as Resorts and Hotels are available - Please contact us anytime if you wish for us to reserve your accommodation in Port Stephens. What makes Port Stephens unique is that whilst we don't have multiple sailfish in Port Stephens like Guatemala or Costa Rica we do have multiple amounts of blue, black and striped marlin. What you will see in Port Stephens is potential World Record size marlin. It has taken the Ladies World Record (March 2008) with a 62.4kg striped marlin on 16kg (8lb) line beating the previous record held of 49 kg.

Congratulations Diana Owen of North Carolina. Australia and especially Port Stephens has become the hotspot for fly anglers targeting marlin on the fly, with an average day marlin flyfishing we raise around 10 marlin per day with an excellent tease to hooked fish ratio. Best time to come for the flyfishing in Port Stephens is from January through April

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