The Listed Species and Subject Types are Currently Available Small Plate Trophies:
Bonefish | Deer | Dolphin | Hogfish | Horses | Kingfish | Logos | Lures/Flies | Marlin | Panthers | Permit
Redfish | Sailfish | Scenery | Shark | Snook | Swordfish | Tarpon | Turkey | Tuna | Turtles
Kingfish Small Plate Trophy Sample
Dolphin/Mahi/Dorado Small Plate Trophy Sample

Small plate trophies are hand cut and carved out of various types of logs. These are generally the larger chunks that are removed from his larger pieces or ends of logs. As we do not like to see anything go to waste, Oz created these small plates and burnt fish/animal/scene on them. These plates get most of their beauty from the wood grain. These pieces in general are from 7 x 12” and ½’ to 2” in thickness.

Small Square or Oblique Style Trophy (Artist rendition) $150.00
Small Round Trophy (Artist rendition) $165.00
Small Trophy w/Tournament Logo or Requested Imagery (Price can vary on complexity of Art) $200.00