The Listed Species and Subject Types are Currently Available Trophies:
Bonefish | Deer | Dolphin | Hogfish | Horses | Kingfish | Logos | Lures/Flies | Marlin | Panthers | Permit
Redfish | Sailfish | Scenery | Shark | Snook | Swordfish | Tarpon | Turkey | Tuna | Turtles
Redfish Plaque Sample
Fly Plaque Sample

Plaques are made of Poplar wood; thin, light weight, manufactured wood. Oz will draw, burn and paint on them after sanding and cutting. They will be no bigger than 6” x 12” x ¼”. The framing is nautical rope (as shown)

Plaque prices plain or water colored over the wood and burning (Artist rendition) $30.00
Plaques w/tournament logo or requested imagery (Price can vary on complexity of Art) $65.00
Rustic wood frames instead of nautical rope is extra $15.00