The Listed Species and Subject Types are Currently Available Small Plate Trophies:
Bonefish | Deer | Dolphin | Hogfish | Horses | Kingfish | Logos | Lures/Flies | Marlin | Panthers | Permit
Redfish | Sailfish | Scenery | Shark | Snook | Swordfish | Tarpon | Turkey | Tuna | Turtles
Bonefish Medium Trophy Sample
Sailfish Medium Trophy Sample

Medium trophies are fun hardy trophies that are half a log in depth and start at 8” across and goes up to approximately 16”.  These trophies can stand by themselves or be hung on a wall. Oz uses the outside of the log to create a warp around affect on the standing pieces and a think core of the log on the hanging pieces. Depending on the wood Oz can get creative and a small fraction of the piece just might get carved away from the wood. It’s almost a half of a 3D trophy in a smaller scale.

Medium Trophy (Artist rendition only) $300.00