Why Art by Oz?
For 30 years Captain Ozzie Gonzalez has been in the fishing circuit in Miami Beach, both in chartering and a lot of tournaments. Tournament after tournament he was getting the same type of trophies or plaques, to the point of throwing them away. None really had any type of value.

In his down season time he would do his taxidermy and wood carvings to decorate his and his friends homes as well as there cabins. As the years went on, he started selling them, until about a year ago when one of his friends ran a back country tournaments in Carrabelle, FL asked him to do the trophies for his tournament.

From that time on, Oz had to give up chartering and tournaments, he didn’t have the time. Bronze, glass, copper and other metal trophies can’t compete to original design and complimenting by Oz’s price.

This video shows Oz at work creating his latest masterpiece!

The list above is per piece. As we have noticed recently that single trophies are needed here and there at the last minute. The best pricing is when buying in full group sets of 12 or more pieces. We have built in different pricing structures for discounts. So basically, the more you buy the less the pieces become.

Multiple tournament directors, this is where you will win in the over all. We will give up to 20% discount when you hire us for 3 or more tournaments in one consecutive year with a minimum of 12 pieces purchased per tournament

Referral discounts, Yes we do have those!!!! Anyone referring us to other tournaments and they tell us your name will gather more discounts in your tournament. Discounts could land you a standard 9 piece trophy set.

Please remember these pieces all start from a log of wood, time is definitely a factor!!!!