Sportsman's Addiction (SA) is a one stop shop for the outdoorsman. From our consulting/advisory side to travel, we cater to the needs of the clients and owners of lodges. SA recently added Taxidermy and wood art to our company.

If you own/operate or are considering buying an outfitter or travel lodge, where do you turn for professional advice? Fishing and hunting companies are quite different then other owned managed businesses. Too often these newbie owners will try and get advise like normal business from their CPAs or lawyers but they just doesn’t understand the industry and many of the demographics and logistics that are so viably important in the successful operation of them. SA's unique consulting practice has the footing of the skills, knowledge and experience directly related to the fishing and hunting outfitting, travel and taxidermy industry. What's more, we are respected and have been around.

As for our Travel side we are the 411 of fishing and hunting industry. We pay attention to our clients DETAILS and desires! We pride ourselves with customer satisfaction from the top end media trip to our smallest day trips. We make everyday enjoyable and affordable. We don't give blind promises and we don't take your money knowing things don't or can't exist. We are the company that makes your bucket list checkmarks happen!

The newest side of the company is Capt. Ozzie Gonzalez's, Bugling Elk and Taxidermy, that merged with SA. From fish to large exotic animals he replicates them all to their finer details that most taxidermists leave out. He also has a rustic touch in creating wood art pieces for trophies, mounts and decor. Capt. Ozzie's sporting life on the water and land in Southern Florida has him a leading name in outfitting and offshore adventure. If anyone knows what fish or land animals should look like up close and personal, he knows all to well, since the age of 5 (That is over 35+ years of experience).

It doesn't get any better than this folks! We've been there, done it and have played the game. We are always in the highest contentions to the leading edge of lodges and outfitters.

Email Address:
Phone Number: (786) 601-3998
Street/Mailing Address: 27500 SW 166 Ave
Homestead, FL, 33031